OhMiBod is the brand name for a line of sex toys, but it is best known for its musically-powered vibrating one. The Club Vibe 2.OH wearable model is the top selling OhMiBod toy. It translates electronic music output into vibrations. The volume and the beat of the music determines the strength and vibration pattern.

Club Vibe 2.OHIt has largely been marketed to iPod users, but the device will work well with any output. It is not endorsed by Apple in any way, but the co-creator of the product previously worked for Apples’ product marketing department. Their desire is for it to be a socially acceptable adult novelty item.

OhMiBod toys also have remotes that can be used with them. The remotes generally have a range up to about 15 feet. You can either use the remote yourself or leave it in the hands of your lover and let them control it. Imagine going out for dinner wearing this while they have the remote in their pocket all night.

Because it is activated by music and audible noise many women have been wearing them to clubs and concerts and posting about their experiences in “ClubVibe” on the OhMiBod site. Talk about “feeling” the music.

Another popular use for OhMiBod toys recently has been their incorporation into cam shows. Many female performers are wearing them during their shows. They can react to the sound their computers make when tips come in from viewers. It is becoming an increasingly popular way for cam girls become more interactive with their viewers.