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Tongji University Library has a history of about one hundred years. Its predecessor was founded in 1907 as bibliotheca and reading room. The Library has a rich collection of materials both in Chinese and foreign languages. In the collection there are 2390,000 volumes of books (1,920,000 of Chinese, 470,000 of foreign language); 4200 kinds of periodicals, 300000 volumes of bound-in; more than 300,000 volumes of E-books and E-periodicals.

The library holds plenty of famous electronic resources of online databases, such as ISI Web of Knowledge, IEEE/IEE Electronic Library, EI Village 2, OCLC First-search ,Elsevier, CNKI, and others. It also provides access to over 600 professional databases via international search of DIALOG system, STN system and OCLC First-search system.

Tongji University Library is now a member of International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), China Academic Library & Information System (CALIS), and Shanghai Information Resources Network (SIRN). It has played important role in teaching and scientific research at Tongji University, and has also given an important contribution to China 's education library and information circles. Besides, the library was ranked A-class of all libraries by Higher Education Bureau of Shanghai.

The library has an Administrative Office and Departments of Resource Construction, Cataloging, Circulation, Reading, Technical Services, Information Reference, Intelligence & Digitalizing System management, including Jiading Branch, Hudong Branch, Huxi Branch, Hubei Reader Service Department and their divisions.

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According to the regulations of the Education Ministry of China, all the full-time students in universities and colleges must live on campuses. Therefore, it is universities' responsibility to provide all kinds of facilities and services to students.

The Jiading campus is still under construction now. By the time of September 2005, there are 5,300 students of five faculties studying and living on campus. By the time of August 2006, there will be 15,000 students and 2,000 staff working and studying in this modern and beautiful campus. The schools in Jiading campus include: Automobile, Software Engineering, Electronics and Information Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Traffic and Transportation, Economics and Management, Material Science and Engineering, and Communication and Arts. The campus then will be well equipped and the life on campus will be as convenient as everywhere inShanghai.


The canteen is near the residence. There are different kinds of dishes for students to choose from. Most of them are Chinese cuisine. IC meal cards are used in canteen and students can deposit money into cards in the canteen. There are also bakery and café in the accommodation area.

Medical Care

The medical clinic is on the ground floor of graduate student residence. It opens from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Emergency call is available 24 hours a day.


Several bus routes pass the campus and connect the school with other parts of the city. Bicycles are very useful as well. There are many facilities with the distance of 5 kilometers, such as F1 playground, art gallery, theatres, public library, restaurants, etc. There are also shuttle buses between main campus and Jiading campus, but students need to get permit to catch the buses.


The indoor table tennis courts, indoor badminton courts and outdoor basketball court and playground are available for students to access on campus. The gym, tennis courts, and volleyball courts are still under construction and will be available for access before August 2005. Students can also access sports facilities, such as swimming pool, in other campuses.


The Student Union and various student associations hold activities in a regular basis. There are all kinds of entertainment facilities in the city. However, university administrations do not recommend that students leave campus except weekends.


Bookstore, post office, stationary store, glasses store, and grocery stores locate in student accommodation area. There are also some service providers: laundry store, barbershop, bank ATM, print and copy shop, photo taking, bicycle repair, and electrical maintenance and repair.

Further Information

There are counselors available in the student affairs office. Students may go to see counselors whenever they need help or advice, have problems with their studies or lives, or encounter difficulties. We also offer study partners to international students who need to learn Chinese. Coordinators in the Teaching Affairs Office would help international students to settle down and start their study smoothly.


The student apartments locate in the student accommodation area. International students live with graduate students. There are single rooms and double rooms available for international students. The room is equipped with basic furniture, such as beds, desks, chairs and closets. Students need to buy bedding and personal staff themselves. If students need air conditioners and water heaters, they could rent these appliances from the housing administration office.

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