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The school of software engineering of Tongji University was founded in 2002. It was established under the approval of the Ministry of Education of China and the former State Planning Commission, as a national model school in software engineering. Zhou Xingming, one of the academicians in the Academy of Chinese Sciences and the chief designer of the system for the China's first mainframe --Milky Way, assumes  the first  appointed dean of the school.
The school is located in Jiading Campus of Tongji University, which covers approximately 8400 square meters, with an enrollment of 2900 students of all degrees. It provides various majors, including enterprise computing and software technology, service engineering (mainframe technology), software engineering and projects management, image processing and graphics, and new media technology science. 20% of those professional courses are cooperated with foreign universities and famous enterprises, 20% are conducted by some senior experts of enterprise technology, and 60% can be taught bilingually so that students can not only have a sound theoretical foundation but also master the latest cutting-edge technology and a solid ability to communicate in English. The students have won more than 80 awards in competitions at home and abroad since the foundation of this school.
The school has a distinctive team of teachers, which is fulltime teacher centered. The combination between full-time teachers and part-time teachers, between university professors and enterprises experts, between domestic scholars and foreign researchers, has made this team characteristic and diverse.
The school has a variety of first-class facilities for teaching and experiments : 10 diverse kinds of host computers including an IBM mainframe and middle-size and small-size commodity hardware, over 800 personal computers with advanced configuration, 30 Apple computers and more than 180 other experimental facilities. These devices are free to all of the students, with all computers accessing to the campus net and wireless net covering all the building.
Our academy holds two international collaboration institutions: Software Testing Qualification Board (China) and Chinese DB2 User Group, moreover, there are three areas of science and education center: IBM mainframe systems Education Center (Shanghai), IBM System Learning Center (Shanghai) and Shanghai Super Computing Center. Equally important,7 United Technology Center: IBM Technology Center of Tongji University, the embedded computer technology space experiment of Shanghai Aerospace and Tongji University, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Embedded Tongji University Center, Laboratory of Apple technology, AMD Technology Center of Tongji University, Laboratory of Intel multi-core technology in Tongji university, ICOP-Tongji University Center for Windows Mobile and Embedded; 6 Technology Club, founded by students, they are: Google Camp, Apple Club, IBM Club, Windows Embedded club, Autodesk clubs, AMD and other clubs.
By effectively exploring the international cooperation and competitive software engineering genius-training mode as well as perfectly matching the Chinese-students style, our academy casts light upon international collaboration and communication. Equally important, Aiming at featuring mutual exemption of tuition fees and mutual equality, our academy has regarded this international exchange of students as an extraordinary breakthrough. Thanks to international exchange, oversea internship and some other forms of activities, the totality of exchange students have approached approximately 500, in return, over 200 oversea students have came to our academy for further development. Consequently, our academy stands out due to English-oriented major related classes, which are scarce among our country.
Based on marketing, our academy strengthens the oversea and domestic collaboration positively. Dating from founded period to now, our academy has had very good relationship with more than 100 oversea-founded or domestic firms, at the same time, established approximately 20 IT companies internship areas.
The year of 2017 witnesses our academy great achievements. Assessed and confirmed by Ministry of Education, reaching  software engineering discipline "A-" among 165 candidates . Targeting at training high-level, feasible, complex and international genius, along with the traditional Tongji university principle "cooperated and solidified in the perception of seeking truth" as well as the possibility of becoming a world-wide academy, we should let quality come first, followed by sustainable development, equal importance of quality and technique, combination of theory and practice.

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