Students Exchange (non-degree)

Exchange students (non-degree) are students who take part in an exchange programme and whose studies are regulated by agreements between the School of Software Engineering, Tongji University and foreign universities. Exchange students firstly apply through the coordinator at their home university and thereafter are asked to preparing application according to the requirement of the host university.

Outgoing Students

What is the international exchange program

The International Exchange Program enables participants to broaden their learning and acquire new knowledge in a cultural environment different from their own. The Program provides an opportunity for students admitted to a regular program and enrolled full-time at the Tongji University (home institution) to study in a foreign university (host university) for one semester. Participants are registered at their home institution; they maintain their full-time status and pay fees to their home institution, not the host institution. The equivalences they obtain for the courses taken at the host university are credited towards the home university degree and if they are eligible.

Who can take part in an exchange program

Students admitted to a regular program and enrolled full-time at the Tongji University at the time of the exchange who meet the following requirements can take part in an international exchange program.
They must:

  • have completed at least two year of university studies or the equivalent;

  • be a Chinese citizen or an international student admitted to a regular undergraduate or graduate program and registered full- time at the time of the exchange;

  • have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 (out of 5.0) and no course failed;

  • have command of the official language of the host institution (proof of language proficiency required);

  • pay tuition and general fees to Tongji University before leaving for the host institution

  • assume the cost of travel, housing, health insurance and other expenses related to the stay;

Where to go for information

The International Office at the School of Software Engineering is the central information point for international activities at the school. It is responsible for coordinating student exchange applications. The international office will announce and recruit students in the beginning of every semester.  

Incoming Students  

If you wish to come to Tongji University as an exchange student, you must first contact the international office of your home university to find out the conditions for applying. Applications should be made through the coordinator at your home university. Your home university coordinator will nominate you for an exchange period at Tongji University for one or two semesters.

Application Deadline

Please note that all nominations must be submitted by:

  • April 15 (for students commencing their exchange in the autumn semester);

  • October 15 (for students commencing their exchange in the spring semester)

Once your home university coordinator has nominated you, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to complete the online application. Your application should be submitted to us not later than:

  • May 15, for students commencing their exchange in the autumn semester

  • November 15, for students commencing their exchange in the spring semester


International coordinators at the sending institution start the process by sending an e-mail to, including information about the students that have been nominated for exchange at Tongji University. The e-mail should include:

  • Name of the student

  • E-mail address to the student

  • The semester of the exchange

Application Procedure

1. Completing and submitting the online registration and application at

In case that you will receive an Auto-reply regarding paying application fee, please just ignore it, as Exchange students are waived from the application fee and study fee.

2. Downloading the filled application form, printing out and finishing the parts which must be signed and sealed by the home university as well as the applicant.
3. Copy of Passport
4. Transcripts in English
All original paper documents must be sent to the International Cooperation Office of the school of Software Engineering by their home university, not by students:

International Office, Ji Shi Building  - Room 448
School of Software Engineering
Jiading Campus, Tongji University
4800# Cao'An Highway, 201804 Shanghai P.R. China

Program & Courses at School of Software Engineering, Tongji University

For courses taught by English, please check our web site (http:) for the information of courses offered in different semesters.

Academic Calendar

As China use Lunar Calendar for Chinese New Year, the academic information in Solar Calendar cannot be fixed on certain date:

  • Spring Semester: end of Feb/ the earlier beginning of March – beginning of July;

  • Autumn Semester: the beginning of Sept. – around middle of Jan in the next year


We have enough rooms in university cooperated residences both inside and nearby the campus for international exchange students. If the exchange students like, we guarantee a room in residence for all exchange students. However, some exchange student might want to leave off-campus. It is also easily find off-campus housing in Shanghai.

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